Sunday, 22 April 2012

Skill review(long overdue)

Along time since I made a list of what I wanted to skill and what order it was to be done in, or a broad ideal atleast. Now its finally time to see just where I goto. Tho did take a break to make a support pilot.

heres what i stated mid last year :-

1 - Weapon upgrades V - Advanced weapon upgrades IV
2 - Gunnery support skills to atleast IV (possibly missiles too)
3 - Make a t2 fit for the Cane possible
4 - Assault ships - covert ops and interceptors to IV
5 - Start cross training frigate skills and the other small weapon types


1 - Accomplished
2 - Accomplished (and abit more)
3 - 1 skill remaining(for the fit i want but already there for most the basics)
4 - pre reqs all done just need to spend the time doing the actual ship skills
5 - Done all but afew specializations

New goals/ideals

1 - Get the final small weapon specials done to IV possibly V with prefered types
2 - T2 frig training
3 - Finish gank tornado skills(just afew things needed)
4 - Finish Surpirise package skill set(no your not finding out what this is YET)
5 - Train for null roam specific ship (possible dictor/recon)

well that should keep me busy for awhile again, now to get time to use them all

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